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Our Xóm

Xóm is a helpful and supportive home where creators meet with curious innovators,and ambitious talents meet with determined leaders. Here they can freely discuss, create, share the next big ideas and work on the next product launch. 


Your day at Xóm starts with a self-made coffee in the kitchen. As you cross the meeting room, some of your passionate neighbours immersing in their brainstorm section wave at you. You wave back at them then make a right turn to the Community Board. Quickly scrolling through, you check what activities are happening this week, 'cause your team is going to look forward to it. Your workday is about to begin most energetically.

Meet the captains


Van Tran

The captain has steered Xóm, shaping the culture and value,as well directing the vision and mission.

Xóm Space founders

Audrey Nguyen

 The big sister, who heads up sales and marketing divisions, manages daily operation and people towards Xóm's goals. 

Xóm Space founders

Kelly Wong

Our guru will lead the way behind the stage, giving the guidance needed for big decisions and to maximize the company's potential. 


Victoria Nguyen

Our guardian will govern strategies, nurture company affairs as well ensure a strengthened implementation and execution.

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